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Most Nigerian entertainers; Musicians, Comedians and Actors pay little or no attention to being trim and fit as they get overblown the moment they start making money in the entertainment industry.

It a rare sight to see Nigerian entertainers  that gained weight such weight work hard to lose the weight as they are too lazy to do anything especially exercise to lose some of those body fats.

All it takes is the zeal and determination for one to actually get back to shape after becoming over blown.

Below are some of the people that took the bull by the horn and hit the road running or the gym to lose some of those unwanted weight.


The former Delta State Commissioner for Culture & Tourism was suddenly appeared in the public space looking very lean. People were worried as they have always known him as a chubby actor. So, the rumours started flying about him having one terminal ailment or the other; cancer, HIV.

He came out to debunk such rumours and the reason for his weight loss.

He said: “I woke up one morning, to be precise May 9th last year, and I weighed 120kg. I said this cannot go on. Neither of my parents crossed 60kg. I thought it would be sinful for me to keep eating and putting on weight and living an unhealthy life. I decided to just change my lifestyle. I didn’t diet, what I’m doing now is not dieting. I hate to use the word diet because when you say you are dieting you have to stop at one point. What I did was to change my lifestyle.

“You are in charge of your life. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Get in the right frame of mind and set some goals.

“Not every success is visible on a scale, sometimes walking down a flight of stairs without running out of breath is a WIN,” he said

About the rumour of terminal ailment, he responded: “People are probably so disappointed to see me looking so much better, they want the news to be true. Unfortunately for them, I am in the best shape of my life.

“It amazes me how people cling to bad news. I am a public servant in Delta State; I go to work every day. I am not sick. I changed my lifestyle and lost weight and I am looking better than I have ever looked in my adult life,” he said.


Just like RMD, Ngozi Ezeonu’s weight loss had tongues wagging about her terminal ailment when she initially showed off her new looks on social media, she was unrecognizable.

But she has this to say: “I am not sick, I have been battling with my weight for ten years and I have finally achieved what I want. I am not sick, it is my choice to lose some weight and I pulled it off. I feel good losing weight, it takes a lot of discipline.

“I cut off eating a lot of things, I was addicted to coca-cola, juice and I cut off all that, I also stopped eating banana altogether, it took a lot of discipline.

“I stopped eating too many carbohydrates and I eat more proteins and a lot of veggies…a lot.

“I wonder why they will think I am ill when my skin is glowing and when I feel good. When people are used to seeing you looking fat and they see all the fat gone, their eyes play tricks on them,” she said.


Georgina Ibeh was another actor that loss some weight.

According to her “Losing weight was a personal decision I took after I discovered I was getting the same roles in films and wanted something different.

“It was like a standstill in my career as I used to get cast for roles of an aunt or an elder sister. I wasn’t given the type of roles my peers were getting.

“The event that broke the camel’s back was when I was given a role to act as Patience Ozokwor’s friend; I told myself I had to lose weight.

“I registered at a gym in Asaba, Delta State, and that was how I started my weight loss journey. I maintained an all-protein diet with fewer carbohydrates. I weighed 98.9kg and later reduced to 75.6kg.

“I challenged myself and I am happy today. Exercise is wonderful. It was my personal decision I did it for myself and my career, I wanted to be a versatile actress; to be able to get roles to act like a man’s wife, girlfriend or fiancée; I didn’t do it for any man,” she said.


In the case of Emem Bishop Umoh, first posted his picture without his trademark pot belly on social media, many didn’t believe it was him until she showed them how he lost his pot belly.

He said: “Although being a comic actor didn’t make me put on some weight, it is culinary and dietary indiscipline that made me add so much weight. When I shot into the limelight, I didn’t have a big belly. The big belly grew over time and the people adapted to it. They will also adapt to the fact that the belly is no longer there,” he said

“I did not lose weight because I was body-shamed or so that I could fit into society. I lost weight because my cardio was a mess. I couldn’t even climb two floors without an elevator. I was just afraid because whenever I sat down, I breathed like someone who was snoring. I knew I was ageing faster than my real age and I had to do something about it.”


Mercy Johnson-Okojie had a very shapely curvy body before getting married and giving birth, but everything changed and she became so large amd shapeless.

This continued being big and shapeless until she decided to get back to shape and worked hard at achieving it.

Hear her: “I am a total of all my experiences. If you zoom in, you’ll see my battle scars I carry them with pride, they’re a testimony of my journey.

“I have learnt how to work on the body, I want it naturally with full commitment and without surgery.”

“I know the struggle, I’ve been there, one day you wake up with a thousand stretch marks across your tummy. You don’t recognize your body, you try everything that used to work and it doesn’t anymore. If you don’t like it, you can do something about it! If I can do it, my sister you can- NO surgery. Just commitment.”

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