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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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The video of the 14-year-old girl allegedly defiled Baba Ijesha was yesterday shown at an Ikeja Sexual Offences Court.

The video was forensic interview played before Justice Toyin Taiwo, showed the minor as she seated on a sofa telling the child expert, Mrs Olabisi Ajayi-Kayode how Baba Ijesa allegedly defiled her inside their house and his car.

Asked what she remembered that happened seven years ago, she said one day when Baba Ijesa visited them, her mother was not at home.

She gave a description of the position of the settee, the shelf and carpets in their living room.

Using female and male dolls, she described where the defendant sat and invited her to sit on his laps.

She said the defendant asked her if he should bring out his manhood but that she didn’t answer him.

According to her, the defendant brought out his manhood and made her sit on it and that after sometime, she felt his wetness.

She said the defendant used a handkerchief to clean himself while she went to the bathroom and used water, soap   and a towel to clean herself.

She said that the second day, the defendant came to their house and told her mother that he brought fruits for her, adding that her mother instructed her to follow him to his car to bring the fruits.

The teenager in the video explained that the defendant parked his car away from their house and that when they got to his car, Baba Ijesa opened the passenger door and she had to kneel on the seat and stretched out to reach the fruits on the back seat.

She said it was during this process that the defendant inserted his car key into her vagina.

She said when Baba Ijesa came ìn, “he asked if my mum was around, I was afraid to tell him whether or not she was at home.

“He called me ‘my sweet girl’ and ‘my baby’.

“He called me to come and sit on his legs and I said ‘No’.

“He said when I was small, I was not afraid of him, but now you are afraid.”

At this stage, the DPP, Mrs Olayinka Adeyemi stopped playing the video clip on the order of the Court.

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