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Thursday, November 17, 2022
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I woke up today to a comment alleged to have come from Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Christian Mission that “SOMEONE THAT IS HELPING THE NEEDY AND NOT PAYING HIS TITHES WILL SOON BECOME ONE OF THE NEEDY”.

At first, I did not believe it came from the bishop so I carried out an investigation to verify if he actually made the statement and it turned out that he actually did. I have obtained a voice clip of the comment  and as such I am forced by my faith in Christ to respond to and refute such lie as peddled by Oyedepo. Oyedepo’s statement has brought confusion in the minds of little Christians who don’t read the bible because there is an increased google search of: IS IT BETTER TO HELP THE NEEDY OR PAY TITHE?

Oyedepo is known for his advocacy of “tithing” and almost equating it to salvation. Oyedepo claims that God does not care for believers nor bothers to bless them unless they pay tithe. Oyedepo teaches that God has no regard for Christians (believers) unless they pay tithe and that tithe is the only way to get God to bless one. With the above unchristian teachings and many other lies propagated by Bishop Oyedepo I shall go ahead to prove that Oyedepo is a liar and a twister the word of God to get more people to pay him tithes in the name of paying to God.

Listen to audio clip:



Oyedepo has always taught that tithe is giving to God but even Oyedepo knows that that is a lie because he can not prove that from the scriptures. Indeed, there is only one way to give anything to God, it is the only way to unimaginable financial breakthrough. It is the secret thought throughout all religions and spiritual organizations. It is HELPING THE POOR & THE NEEDY. Most tithe loving pastors will not tell you this. I will start point by point.

Point #1: PROVERBS 19:17

  • Whoever is generous to the poor LENDS to the LORD, and He will REPAY him for his deed (ESV)
  • If you help the poor, you are LENDING to the LORD – and He will REPAY you! (NLT)
  • Kindness to the poor is a LOAN to the LORD and He will repay the LENDER (BSB)
  • He that hath pity upon the poor LENDETH unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will He pay him again (KJV)

You will never hear Bishop Oyedepo tell you this. If you want God, the creator of the whole universe, the King of kings and Lord of lords to be indebted to you and pay you with interest, then find the nearest needy and give a helping hand!

Let it be known that anything you give to the needy is loan to God which He MUST repay as a faithful Entity. Can God borrow money? No! because He is the owner of all there is, even what you want to lend Him belongs to Him.. but you can force Him to be indebted to You by the simple and singular act of giving to the poor. Only then then have you lent to God and He will pay with interest!

The word LOAN here is important because it accentuates the fact that God wants the helper of the needy to know that by that act of charity, He, God is held under an obligatory contract or agreement to repay such person. Take note of the word “OBLIGATORY”.

On the other hand, Tithe is an old covenant commandment which has no place in Christianity and can not be justified at all in the new covenant under Christ. To pay tithe under any guise is to still be bound under the Laws of Moses and its attendant curses. Tithe has become an outdated practice even for the Jews because of so many reasons stated in the scriptures (this will be the subject of the next article).

The above point, “PROVERBS 19:17” is just point #1, I shall continue from point #2 in tomorrow’s continuation.

God bless you

Pst. Olaitan Oduayo (Christ Revival Assembly, Abuja)

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