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Monday, June 27, 2022
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BREAKING; Man Arrested For Raping A Corpse

A 47-year-old mortuary worker in Ondo State is facing criminal charges for allegedly abusing the body of a seven-year-old girl deposited in a mortuary under his care.

The allegations came to light after a pathologist discovered that the girl’s corpse had been sexually desecrated.

The man, whose name is given out as Gbenga Adewale, was dismissed after a disciplinary hearing found him guilty.

A source disclosed to Eyewitnesss that the little  girl who died after a brief illness from prolonged typhoid complications was the only child of her parents.

The source said the Gbenga Adewale, a married father of two, had took the child’s body from the morgue, where it was kept and repeatedly violated her in a bizarre fit of sexual orgies.

Police Sources confirmed that the man, already detained would be facing charges soon.

It is understood the child’s parents are TRAUMATIZED and devastated by the news and have sworn to ensuring that the alleged sick sex offender face justice and the wrath of the law.

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