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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Cargo agent caters for 31 year old lady found roaming at Lagos Airport

A cargo agent at the Murtala Muhammad Airport, Lagos State Mr. Thomson Oladapo acted as a good Samaritan when he met the homeless 31-year-old Funmilayo Victoria Fehintola roaming around the international wing of the Airport and has been catering for her upkeep ever since.

The returnee who was deported from Oman is alleged to have lost her memory and she currently sleeps on the walkway and inside buildings under construction at the terminal of the airport.

Funmilayo traveled on Emirates airlines to Nigeria via Dubai. She arrived in Nigeria with passport number A10173960. And her documents show that she left Nigeria for the Middle East on February 29, 2019.

Mr. Thompson Oladapo reportedly said the lady hardly respond to inquiries from people who attempt to assist her locate her family. He also disclosed that in an attempt to get in touch with Fumilayo’s family and get her reunited with them, he traveled all the way to Ibadan from Lagos, on Tuesday the 16th day of March 2021 to locate the address indicated in her data provided by the immigration, which is, No 2 Agisope, Muslim in the Oyo state capital only to discover that no such place exist.

Mr. Thomson also stated that Fumilayo alleged that she was injected with substance unknown to her in Oman before she was bundled into the aircraft she boarded to Lagos.

Her document showed that she received her certificate for negative PCR status for travel purpose on the 10th of March, 2021 from Salalah Al Gharbia Health Center in Oman, while the certificate was signed by Dr. Salih Al Azawi and the Consultant was Ahmed Abdul Wahab Ahmed Mohd.

Also, another document issued by the Dubai Health Authority via the AMC Family Medicine DXB Concourse B certified by the facility Managing Director, Bisher Josef Alazzam, dated 11th March 2021, noted that “the patient is vitally stable, there is no obvious medical contraindication for travel at the time of discharge”. The result also indicated that the issue addressed was ‘abnormal behaviour’.

The good Samaritan has called on well meaning members of the public to help locate the family members of the troubled lady, to come to her aid and take her away from the premises of the airport and also provide her with proper medical attention.

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