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Sunday, November 20, 2022
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I have read lots of posts condemning the Kirikiri Correctional Centre for organizing beauty pageant for prison inmates and most are pissed that Chidinma Ojukwu, the alleged killer of Usifo Ataga won the pageant.

Some people said she should be treated badly and should not be winning pageants in prison. She has no reason to look beautiful or even smile.

They forgot that she is an awaiting trial inmate and not convicted yet and is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

They also failed to understand that prison is a lonely place and can mess up one’s mental health. So in recognition of this, the prison authorities organized these events like football competitions, beauty pageants, etc to help take their minds away from what they are facing and about to face.

I don’t know how many of you that remember this guy Ojo. Ojo was in SS3 and about to write WAEC when he was accused of armed robbery and was sentenced to death. He spent 18 year in prison, the bulk of it on death row. Football helped him keep his sanity while in there.

He wrote WAEC there and went ahead to read Criminology. He was found to be innocent and was released through the help of Barr. Kingsley Ughe, General Counsel of JLAA.

He is married now and we attended his wedding.

Christiana Odo was accused of killing her husband because he couldn’t provide Christmas chicken which turned out to be a lie. She was discharged and acquitted last month after spending over 3 years awaiting trial. Thanks to Barr. Kingsley Ughe and Barr. Jude Uwa-aha-lam.

Some of those ladies you saw in those pictures trending online are innocent and so many are going through a lot over what they did and what they are accused of. Showing them some form of love won’t kill anyone, irrespective of what they are accused of.

I salute the Kirikiri Correctional Centre for organizing these events for these ladies to help them forget about these heavy loads they are carrying and the sentences hanging on their necks and I see nothing wrong with it.


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