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Hakeem Olusegun Odumosu, Lagos State Commissioner of Police is one of the quintessential law enforcement officers in the country having proven the stuff he’s made of with handling of high-profile Police assignments across the country.

In this interview he spoke about the challenges he faced and near-death experiences as an officer.

“One of the most challenging experiences was the aftermath of annulment of June 12 presidential election. I was posted to Ketu to be in-charge of operation weeks before that incident. It was between the Mile 12 axis mostly populated with Nigerians from Northern part and Ogudu Ojota axis. For five months, I was sleeping under the Ojota bridge because of the problem. In one of the instances, my second in command collapsed when he saw the crowd advancing from Ojota. It was not easy to appear to be seen to be neutral because it was turning into a tribal war. We are Police officers and we were enlisted to serve all Nigerians and we did our best. It was tough one. A lot of people were slaughtered, the shock of picking up corpses is still very fresh in my memory.

“Next was the era of Shina Rambo, a former armed robbery kingpin who terrorized the South West in the 1990s. There were only 10 patrol vehicles and those vehicles were Peugeot 504. He will come with about 20 men and each of them will move with an exotic car. Every Policeman on the road was his target.

“From Ketu division, I was posted to Satellite Police Station and that night I was assigned to patrol Orile axis. One night, he attacked and rained bullets on our patrol vehicle. We had to crawl under the vehicle and call for backup. I was lucky because they rendered the patrol vehicle useless with bullets. Unfortunately, one of my boys on duty that day was hit by the bullet. It could have been me and I thank God for saving me that day.

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