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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Those who witnessed the great Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu make his famous last wish of voting in HE Peter Obi for second term, understood what it meant to have a party that was created to withstand any form of marginalization while developing all aspects of dear state with the funds meant for her development.

Whoever had any doubt ended up believing as the beneficiary, Okwute proved beyond every doubt that Ikemba saw tomorrow by insisting on the ex-governor.

APGA was formed on a very good ideology that garnered acceptance based on Ikemba’s goodwill while Okwute’s delivery couriered the trust and acceptance that it was indeed an onye aghana nwanne ya affair.

But the coming of HE Willie Obiano saw a 180-degree turn away from the ideologies of the two great men, who plotted the path of dear state through a systematic self-determination that would have kept all other states far behind. Obiano’s era introduced an excessive squandering of resources in the pretences of empowerment while introducing a bizarre nepotism never known in the history of the state, culminating with their present gubernatorial candidate acknowledging all the atrocities with the claim that IT’S NOT BROKEN!

The chronology of Obiano’s atrocious eight years is coming in another write-up. This is about the defection of the number two citizen of the state. To start with, Dr. Nkem Okeke’s defection was not the first and definitely won’t be the last but nothing has been as devastating as this one with about three weeks to Ground Zero.

As usual, the party in their ever-arrogant manner of leadership, declared Dr. Okeke a nobody that has no electoral value. By so doing, they didn’t just insult the deputy governor. They rather insulted the president, who shelved busy schedules to personally welcome the Enugu-Ukwu gentleman to his party.


By jumping out and firing from the hips, ndi APGA have seemingly forgotten too soon who made the 21/21 heist possible. And they seem not to have noted that of all the decampees into the APC, Dr. Nkem Okeke has been the only one Mr. President personally welcomed in public to the ruling party.

They bluntly told the President that he is equally a ‘nobody: by spending time to accept a ‘nobody: into his fold. Nothing can be more bizarre. Even though the president we’re talking about hasn’t really decorated himself in admirable apparels with the state of the nation but for same APGA that is heavily relying once more on the benevolence of the same president for November 6 favours to blast the president in that manner, is a case of onwu guba nkita. Or simply put, the actions of one whose cup is full.

Dr. Okeke brings to an end any further doubt that the era of APGA is over. A party that turned around to proclaim that they no longer will base the fortunes of a party on the ideologies of a dead man, talking of Ikemba. A party whose reasonable foundation members have all left.

APGA lost six members of the State Assembly to APC. They said those six have no electoral value and only went for money. They lost two serving members of NASS, they said same thing. They lost former members of NASS, they said they’re all irrelevant. They will even lose more and they will still say the same thing.

They owe ndi Anambra huge apology for messing up the state so terribly that the deputy governor had to leave with a broken heart. A gentleman per excellence, who resisted many urges to resign in order not to rock the boat.


I read one SA to Obiano saying that a former deputy governor was taking home N5 million per month as overhead while Dr. Okeke takes home N15 million and asked why shouldn’t Dr. Okeke be satisfied? And I say, can you imagine what they reduced governance to? All about money! How many times has Obiano travelled to spend months abroad?

When was his deputy ever allowed to take his constitutional right to act on his boss’ behalf? How many times did our deputy represent the governor in important functions? When has the deputy been allowed to make any meaningful input to a government that was won based on the joint ticket?

Rather, ndi APGA believe that all the deputy required was N15 million a month to shut up. No wonder they believe anybody who defects is after his personal pocket because that’s what they have reduced governance to.

Ask yourself why both APGA and PDP stalwats are defecting to APC. Senator Andy Uba is the only seasoned politician among the candidates. Politicians are making a statement that they have come of age to handle the affairs of the state. They don’t want to continue having a state where newcomers to politics come from nowhere to turn all the politicians had laboured to build upside down. That’s why they are defecting. They want a governor who will be constitutional in issues of governance. Dr. Okeke, a very humble, calm and collected gentleman, has just spoken with his actions that the APGA of today is the opposite of what Ikemba left behind.

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