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Friday, March 31, 2023
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A group identified as PeterObi 2023 Group has launched an online platform www.50m4po.com.ng to raise 50million verified voters across Nigeria for Peter Obi. The platform will serve as a melting pot for all the online support group of Peter Obi to come together and then metamorphose to an onground structure.

The platform spots a discussion board where information and news can be shared, discussed and or disseminated.  On the platform, a program tagged ASK PETER spots an AI algorithm called “Peter” that is capable of fielding questions and queries and giving feedback.

Information gotten from the platform’s website reads as follows:

This movement started in response to the constant rhetorics and claims by politicians who are who are part and parcel of the rot eating up Nigeria, that Peter Obi cannot be president of Nigeria because he has no structure. These outdated politicians, being out of touch with the present realities, mock the growing popularity of Peter Obi by saying that we only make noise on social media and our efforts on social media will amount to nothing on ground. However, we the advocates of a new Nigeria think differently. We know that it is people who vote in elections, we know that it is people who build structures, therefore we have elected to raise 50million Nigerian voters for Peter Obi. We also believe in the power of social media to bring positive change and we are so making use of it.

As young and dynamic people in tune with global trends, we are aware of the power of social media to bring positive change, therefore we intend to make use of technology and the social media to build this structure and then translate this structure to a robust on-ground force that will vote and defend every vote for Peter Obi.

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The group states that the main purpose of the platform is translating the online structure to an on-ground force of 50 million registered voters across Nigeria to vote and defend their votes for Peter Obi.

Group’s vision reads:  A united and prosperous Nigeria under the capable and competent leadership of Peter Obi and Datti Yusuf Baba-Ahmed. A Nigeria with equal opportunity for all irrespective of tribe and religion

It will be recalled that since the declaration of Peter Obi to run for presidency, Peter Obi has enjoyed massive support from all across Nigeria especially from the youths. This has seen an unprecedented increased in the number of youths clamoring to get their voters cards. Private individuals are going out of their way to fund campaigns for the Labour Party Presidential candidate.

The 50m4po.com.ng is the latest in the line of such people-sponsored effort to see that a Peter Obi becomes the president of the Nigeria come 2023. The platform came online today the 22nd day of July 2022 at 12:00pm and at the time of writing this news, it has already garnered 8,543 registered Obidients. Impressive!


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