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Frank Uduak Akpan, the killer of Iniubong Umoren, a job-seeker from Akwa Ibom, was paraded on Friday by the Police alongside his father, Frank Akpan. During the parade by the Police, he owned up to the crime.

“She (Ms Umoren) came for a supposed job interview in which I used reverse psychology on her. I asked her if she can work in a farm where hard drugs are kept as a secretary and she said she can— that she’s ready to do the job.

“When she came, I revealed to her that this farm does not exist. There is no farm like that. It was just a hoax. I told her that before she leaves that I would like to have sex with her and she agreed. She gave a condition that I should use a condom, which I did. While I removed the condom, she became furious. She took a nearby stabilizer to hit me on my head and she bit my left ring finger and tried to reach for the wall, screaming.

“While I was bleeding, in a bid to stop her, I used the same stabilizer to hit her. She fell and started bleeding.”

The supposed ‘stabilizer’ Frank Uduak Akpan was referring to is a pressing iron.

He also confessed to having used the same ‘reverse psychology’ on six other women in the past, although he stated that Ms Umoren is the only one he had killed.

On his relationship with Kufre Effiong, a civil servant linked to him in a report by a Journalist, Akpan has this to say:

“Kufre Effiong is my cousin. That was when I was coming from Calabar (to Uyo) because in the morning (of April 30), I went to Calabar. He (Effiong) was the one that picked me up together with the DPO of Urua Police Station (Samuel Ezeugo),” said Akpan.

According to him, their “was very short and simple”.

“He (Effiong) texted me the number of the DPO. I called him (DPO) when I arrived in Uyo.”

His father when speaking with journalists, said he was never aware of his son’s criminal acts.

“I was not aware. I am not happy about it. When the Police came to my compound, I was asked to recall him (from his trip to Calabar that day).”

Mr Akpan revealed that he is a retired civil servant, who is 64 served in the Federal Ministry of Health in Abuja.

He said he relocated to Urua Local Government Area about two years ago and was not aware of his son’s deeds.

The Police in the state has assured the public that the culprit would be charged to court as soon as judiciary workers, who have been on strike for weeks, resume.

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