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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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If you’re an upcoming rapper, or singer, or interested in any sort of job that involves entertaining people, here are a few tips you can pick up.

1. Make Lots Of Noise

You have to be visible. Nobody will know how good you are until you go out and get the attention you deserve. Get your songs on YouTube, Reverb nation, twitter and Facebook.

Have a website too.

2. Multi-Task

You can have a Manager, a Publicist, or a man team working round the clock on your behalf. The truth is, even after getting signed to a label a lot of the work will have to be done by you. There’s no time to sit back. You need to know how to write, produce, direct and produce your stuffs.

Handle your social networking yourself. The more you can do yourself, the better you increase your skill set.

3. Ignore Haters

People will hate you even if you buy them food every day. There are two things you can do: ignore them or take a lot of time to respond to each and every one.

4. Be Different

Create a niche. Be different from the pack.

It’s easy to go with the flow of what’s popular. But there is no quicker way to get passed over and ignored.

Sometimes the quickest way to be significant is to be different, no matter how annoying that makes you.

5. Be Mysterious

The world wants information for information, but too much of it, and they shall leave you quicker than you are able to zip up your pants.

Create enough mystery. People will be left wondering; why does he do this? Is he a genius or raving lunatic? Has he got us all fooled? What song is he dropping next?

6. Love & Respect Your Fans

The fans will love you back if you love and respect them.

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