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how to change an overbearing boss

You have a boss that makes you dread every waking hour, a boss that makes you feel you are not enough, that you are inadequate. Whenever you remember you are going to go to work you wish you are never ever going to have to go out and be in the same space with her or him. Every contact you make with him/her leaves you drained. Sometimes you just wish you would close your eyes and they’d just disappear. “Oh how beautiful a place the world will be with Mr Smith!”, you say in your mind. Hold up a second!


Hey, hold up a second. You can change all that without wishing yourself or Mr Smith out of the picture. You heard me! You can change an overbearing boss!


According to vocabulary.com

“The adjective overbearing typically describes a person who is haughty and dictatorial. Someone considered to be overbearing or arrogant wouldn’t be described as kind or modest, which are antonyms of overbearing. Overbearing also means “repressing or overwhelming.” ”

Your boss shouts down at you, always debasing and demeaning you at the slightest opportunity. You are never correct and you dread any meeting with him/her. His/her presence alone feels like a continuous violation of your personal space, then you are dealing with an overbearing boss.


How to change an overbearing boss.

  1. Know that everyone is connected. We are all one at the very source of our being.
  2. Realize that whatever we see on the outside is a reflection/extension of what’s inside of us.
  3. You can change any situation by assuming or becoming that situation.
  4. then Change yourself to the desired situation.


How I changed my overbearing boss


knowing that I and my Boss are one and if wanted to change my boss I would need to change myself, I set out to work.

I took time in my meditation to think about Mr Smith. I told my self that I am Mr Smith and there is a part of me that had projected Mr Smith into my reality. If Mr Smith was overbearing this means that a part of me a was overbearing also therefore I attracted an overbearing boss.. I need to change that part of me.


having imagined myself Mr Smith, I continuously told myself that I am a good boss LIKE MR SMITH.. I imprinted upon my mind repeatedly at my quiet times especially at night the thought that I am wonderful, understanding, appreciative, considerate just like Mr Smith. I gave Mr Smith all the attributes and qualities I wished to see in him, to him. I did this for 3days and on the 4th day something really strange happened.


Mr Smith came to my table and said “Hi Joe, how are you? hope you had a great night? Good to see you today, you look especially radiant today”




You see, Mr Smith was the person that seemed especially radiant that day, at least to everyone else but I was surprised when he said I was the “especially radiant” one.


Mr Smith turned out to be the best boss ever after.


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