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However, modern technology especially, in the area of information technology has revolutionised all facets of traditional ways transacting business.

As a young man or lady the issues remains this – how receptive of these changes are you? How prepared are you in taping into and getting financially empowered by these innovations?

In today’s SMALL BUSINESSES IDEAS, we are looking at DROPSHIPPING.

In practical terms devoid of theoretical jargon, DROPSHIPPING is could be defined with the following example:

  1. Ada is oven-fresh from NYSC where she made 200,000 savings during her service year.
  2. Instead of buying a 24 inch human hair, she smartly bought an affordable smart phone and data for herself.
  3. While her mates leave in droves to Abuja for runs, she opted to stay in Aba with her parents.
  4. As others are jumping from one hotel to the other, Ada is busy jumping from one market to the other observing and running business SWOT analysis of Aba.
  5. She incorporates her business name.
  6. As her mates are busy sending messages for “urgent 2k”, Ada spends her time and data advertising fabrics and designs of different shades on her timeline and page.
  7. Customers indicate interests in the wares Ada advertises. They buy from Ada at a slightly higher price from what Ada buys from her customers at Ariaria or Ekeoha or Ahiaohu Markets.
  8. As her mates bedmatic marketability is depreciating, Ada is appreciating value for honesty and reliability, and building her brand.
  9. Ada saves some good money overtime and rents her own shop. With time she starts importing these fabrics from Dubai, India and China.
  10. Finally, Ada is happy and gainfully established.

There is nothing shameful about DROPSHIPPING. I have been to India, China, Dubai and Singapore. What most advertisers from these countries do on Alibaba and such other sites is DROPSHIPPING. Nothing more; nothing less. And they are raking in millions in reward.

All around you are shops and factories and farms. Look around your immediate environment and seek out products that you can dropship at some level of profit for yourself.

There is no business or service that is new under the sun but the newness of anything lies in your enterprenuerial ingenuity.

As the Chinese would say, the last best time to plant a tree was yesterday and the next best time is now.

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