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Amid rising demand for lingerie, contraceptives, condoms, lubricants, sex toys, etc, Business Insider has predicted the global sex market will grow by nearly 7% each year up till 2021.

Nigeria’s sex industry is evolving just as fast, despite the secrecy associated with it.

The sexual market in Nigeria is dominated by marketing of condoms, pills and sex toys, but herbs and spices that serve as sexual enhancers are taking over.

This is where Kayan Mata, a local aphrodisiac comes in.

Kayan Mata is a brand of aphrodisiac from the Northern Nigeria. Translated literally as “Women things”, is a generic name for a range of different kinds of aphrodisiacs.

Kayan Mata consists of various components ranging from sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices. The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey, tiger nuts, camel’s milk, millet, herbs and roots. A lot of the herbs used to create these enhancers are local herbs believed to heighten sexual experiences.


The general idea behind the use of Kayan Mata is for husband and wife to achieve sexual pleasure so much that your husband is pleased with the wife enough not to look outside their matrimonial home for sexual pleasures.

Kayan Mata is supposed to ensure social stability by keeping couples happily married. In a conservative and predominantly Muslim region, emphasis is placed on maintaining a stable family.

Women buy Kayan Mata because they want to enhance their sex lives, especially women who find it difficult to be turned on during foreplay and single ladies that want the patronage of wealthy men.



Many Kayan Mata products are said to have health benefits to users. Tiger nut milk, for example, one of the most common forms of Kayan Mata, has many health benefits. It is rich in amino acids, especially arginine, which is beneficial to those suffering high blood pressure.

Each aphrodisiac has a different effect on the individual.

But recently, Kayan Mata products have been abused, with some vendors mixing their products with other items to boost their effects.

There are others that advocate for sex enhancers that are dangerous, some of which require bodily violation.

This rise in unadulterated Kayan Mata products is particularly worrisome considering the burden of risk is placed on the woman who purchases the products, while her husband may drive the decision to purchase. Now, more than ever, it is essential that attention is paid to the health implications of Kayan Mata products.

The market for Kayan Mata in the North is so large, particularly in Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi and Zamfara. It has become an industry on its own. As Kayan Mata is a deeply entrenched cultural practice passed on easily from one generation to another, there is always demand for its products.

The sex market in the North is booming with the amount of money the vendors and makers of Kaya Mata are taking home. This is the case because women are willing to pay significant sums for products that offer a way of improving intimacy with their partners.

It was for the Northern women to explore their sexual satisfaction and Kayan Mata is slowly moving across the country. The South West seems to be adopting the practice, with many Kayan Mata entrepreneurs scattered around Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Osun and Ekiti. Residents of these states may view Kayan Mata as a novelty, but it is a practice backed by 500 years of culture and one that shows that for the women of the North, good sex has a price tag.


Women, especially young ladies, uses Kayan Mata to attract expensive gifts, favours and attention from wealthy men, whether single or married, is no longer news.

The business is thriving on social media and drawing more people to it, with

Claims that it is potent as sex enhancer among users.

However, as women have Kayan Mata, men have Maganin Maza “Men things”. Proponents of the preparations claim that sexual feelings among couples are essentially stimulated by Kayan Mata which has attracted publicity on the internet in recent times. Though the substances are originally prepared to make-up brides for marriage to enjoy sex life during marriage, observers note that the aphrodisiacs are no longer restricted to ladies who are preparing for marriages alone.


Critics insinuate that Kayan Mata products are love potions or charms used by women to keep husbands away from other women or used by single and married ladies to lure married men to their bed for continues patronage and getting highly paid by such men who are hooked to them because of the sweetness of their vagina.


They prepare with different things, like cow tail, the person will eat that one al which comes in liquid form that can be drunk, there are some they can insert in their private parts and there are some you will take with milk, it depends on what you want or the problem you want to solve.

There are some substances you rub or insert in private part; you can prepare some with chicken, honey, milk, kunun aya, add in soup or stew or mix with your meal.


“Kayan Mata sweets are prescribed for them to chew during the day when they are sure they will get together at night; this would create a tingling sensation for the woman and put her in the mood. “The most popular Kayan Mata products are kunun aya and tsumi. Tsumi is a mixture of Kayan Mata herbs and camel’s milk which is effective and strong. “Kunun aya is Tiger nuts juice and it is drunk by men for extra performance; since Kayan Mata is made out of fruits, herbs and natural spices, it is healthy.

married women who use the products to spice up their sex life with their spouses. He notes that his customers also include single ladies from across the country and that the use of the products is not limited to ladies from northern parts of the country.

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