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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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The Headmaster, Mutiu Adepoju and ex English player, John Fashanu have hit out at Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp for calling the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament a “little tournament”.

During the AFCON which will take place next year between January 9th and February 6th, Liverpool will lose the services of Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Naby Keita and for the month-long tournament to the tournament. These three key plyers players will be representing their countries, Senegal, Egypt and Guinea respectively during the tournament.

Klopp had in frustration said on Saturday: “In January, there’s a little tournament in Africa, I just want to say, and I think Asia is playing games, too – South America as well, great, can’t wait.”

This statement has not gone down well with many lovers of the game and some ex-players who have participated in the tournament in the past as well over his referring to the African Cup of Nations which is the biggest football competition in the continent as a “little tournament”

Some of those that reacted to the perceived insult on the continent is former Nigerian international and 1994 AFCON winner, Mutiu “The Headmaster Adepoju. He slammed the German manager for such a comment.

He said: “That is his own opinion and that is to his own selfish interest because he doesn’t want to lose some of his players.”

“How will he feel if we say that the European competition is a little tournament?

“From the way I see it he said it because he doesn’t want to lose his key players and I don’t think one should even pay much attention to him.”

John Fashanu while hitting out at the Liverpool boss said:

“This is a big slap on black players around the world. I am very disappointed that somebody who we rated as highly as we did can literarily drip that out with his silly mouth. It is an insult to us all and he owes the continent an apology and he also owes every black football man and woman an apology, to belittle us that way is very dangerous.

“Some black footballers have lost their lives fighting for equality and this man just put us right back by saying our competition means nothing.

“It is a disgrace that came out of his mouth because he knows the situation with racism and how we’ve lost lives because of things like this.”

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