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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Lagos State agents, Police arrest PVC registrants for being “Obi-dient”

Information reaching our news desk suggest that some persons in the company of armed policemen have invaded the premises of St Brigid Catholic Church Ijesha Surulere to disrupt the on going PVC registration exercise going on in the premises.

The persons suspected to be Lagos State Agents were heard saying that they would not be alive to see people continue with the registration exercise as they are all supporters of Peter Obi. The Police arrested some of the officials handling the exercise and a few citizens who had come to register for their PVC.

The eyewitness, Dr Ambassador Princess Okojie Idemujia lamented the situation querying how it was going to be possible to take back Nigeria if this kind of illegality is permitted.


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The increasing disregard for Christians and Christianity by the  Moslem/Moslem ticket of Tinubu is gradually gravitating towards terrorism! Recall that Tinubu hired “Bishops”, men dressed as Christian orthodox ministers to create the impression that Christians support the Muslim/muslim ticket. In his comment about the botched charade, he siad the men were “up coming Bishops” in his words. As if that is not enough, PVC registrants are now being harassed in Lagos State.

Is this acceptable?


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