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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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A.B Thomas, a Legal practitioner, has apologized to Mrs. Brenda Ataga, wife of the murdered CEO of SuperTV, Usifo Ataga, for making false remarks against her.

Thomas had in an interview with a television station accused Brenda of being complicit in the murder of her estrange husband in connivance with one Mr. Izu, an alleged uncle to Chidinma Oukwu.

When asked to back up his words with evidence, the lawyer could not back his claim with evidence, which lead to the rebuttal.

In the letter titled: Refutal of My Narration As It Relates To Mrs. Brenda Ataga & Mr. Izu, Thomas withdrew his earlier remarks, saying he had discovered them to be untrue.

The letter addressed to Mbasekei Martin Obono, Tap Legal Services, reads:

”Further to our telephone discussion on my phone number 08098659155 today 8th July 2021, I wish to refute as incorrect my comments on the unfortunate death of late Mr. Michael Usifo Ataga as it relates to Mrs. Brenda Ataga and one Mr. Izu comments were made without malice, and, from expert checks online, I have found that they are baseless and false.

“I have never met Mrs. Brenda Ataga and I have also found out that there is no Mr. Izu anywhere. These were stories I read online by myself.

“I am, therefore, very apologetic to Mrs. Brenda Ataga and the entire Ataga family for any embarrassment, pains or sufferings my comments on ITV may have caused them.

“It is also very unfortunate that it is not the entire interview I granted that is now being circulated online as my comments were made without malice on any of the persons mentioned, particularly, Mrs. Brenda Ataga.

I, therefore, withdraw these statements which I have discovered to be untrue as I relied on stories I read online in the course of the public commentary, as this matter has caused me depression and great embarrassment from my friends and family members.”

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