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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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On Saturday 27th August 2021 at about 1:30am, a member of the foremost human rights group; Joint Legal Action Aids (JLAA), was coming back from the Airport where he went to pick his uncle that came back from US.

After dropping him off at a hotel, he started heading home, without an inkling of what awaits him.

On getting to Isiba Olowu Street in Unity Estate Egbeda where he resides with his family, he saw four cars driving into the street and drove along with them. He suddenly noticed people rolling tires on their cars. On closer inspection, he realized it was the Legion security men guarding the street.

He reversed, to asked what the matter was. They dragged him out of his car, pounced on him and started hitting him with guns and chains, calling him thief.

They tried to handcuff his hands and chain his legs but he resisted. They sprayed teargas on his two eyes as they struggled with him.

He was surprise as he has been living in the same estate for 15 years and they know him and his car.

His car key was forcefully broken on the ignition as they tried to forcefully remove it, they took the sensor key away and shredded his shirt.

At this point, he managed to escape them and zoom off with his car, as the car was still steaming while they beat him. These security men chased after him with okada to his street. As he got to his street, he asked the security man at his ate to open the gate for him, but those security men chasing him told the security man not to open the gate, that he is a thief.

Though the security man knew him, he decided to listen to the other security men and refused to open the gate for him.

They continued to brutalize and assault him, while the street security man watched.

He to manage to escape from them and kicked his estate gate open and ran inside. They stopped chasing him when people started coming out after hearing the commotion.

Isiba Oluwo Street association took side with their security men.

The next morning, he reported the matter to the Police. The Police carried out investigation into the matter and found out it was an unlawful allegation and frame up.

They alleged that he broke the estate gate, when he claimed he did not break.

The Police took the old padlock which they claim he broke as evidence. The gate was snapped as no damaged was seen on the gate or the key as they claimed.

This is not the first time these security men are taking such actions on innocent people they know reside in the estate. This we learnt have been happening to so many people.

There was the case of a man, a big boy who was punched in the mouth by one of the same security men at Isiba Olowu. The man was said to have invaded the estate with Police men to effect the arrest of the security men.

At this juncture, the Joint Legal Action Aids (JLAA) have frown at this Inhuman crime to humanity on its member and have stepped into the case.

The Joint Legal Action Aids want justice for its member and for this to serve as deterrent to other overzealous security guards who engage in such unlawful, criminal and barbaric act.

This JLAA member was lucky to have escaped death in the hands of these demons, not many will be this lucky.

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