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A woman laments how her daughter that was 5 years old when she married her husband became pregnant for her husband, had a child for him and is pregnant again.

To make matter worse, she discovered that they are even married as her room which she doesn’t allow access to is decorated with the pictures of her husband.

Her story goes like this:

“I married to my husband 20 years ago traditionally. I’m from Ughelli South and my husband is from Isoko North both in Delta State.

“I came into my husband’s house with my daughter Oghenetega of 5 years old which the (biological) father denied her pregnancy after having an affair of 3 months with me secretly.

“My husband took the responsibility of training her and we agreed that she answers my husband’s name as her surname since she has no other father that cares for her.

“After marriage, we all move from Delta to Lagos State.

“My hubby paid her fees till she graduated as an Estate Surveyor and now works in a big firm in Lagos earning big cash.

“Since I got married to my hubby, I have been on TTC for like 20years now. “But 2 years ago, I thought my daughter also made the same mistake l made with her biological father, when l realised she got pregnant and I advised her against abortion. When she later gave birth to my handsome looking grandson which my hubby and I so much loved that the boy looks like my hubby even as he is growing up.

“Being that my daughter now live on her own good apartment with a very beautiful and expensive car bought for her by my hubby, she decided to registered her son (my grandson) in school using my hubby’s name as her son’s surname as a sign of appreciation of what my hubby her step-father has done for her in her life, that the father of her son also abandoned her.

“Fast forward a long story short, my daughter fell ill and was admitted in the hospital, my hubby who is always by her side in times of help like this, was out of the country, then, I have to enter her Almighty room which she has never allowed me to enter for some reasons best known to her because I had to take care of junior and take him to school before going to the hospital.

“There and right there in her bedroom, I saw her court wedding pictures with my hubby with her son’s pregnancy and so many other romantic pictures of them on her room wall and now the Doctor has confirmed her 3months pregnant again in the hospital for my hubby too.

“I’m confused, she is the only child I have. She, my hubby and grandson love me so much that l can’t believe this level of betrayal if l was told.

“Please I need your candid advice, matured mind only, because it’s like I’m all alone in this wicked world now.

“Should I call my hubby?

“Should I wait till he comes back from his trip abroad? He is on three months business trip.

“Should l abandon my only child in the hospital?

“Should I leave the marriage for them?

“The car am driving is a gift from my daughter.

“Is it an abomination to stay in the same marriage with my daughter?

“I also found their registry marriage certificate and travelling document of my daughter and my hubby. Maybe they planned to leave my grandson with me and travel? I don’t know.

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