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There are a couple of telltale signs that you need to be on the look out as a man, here’s a few:

1. Your Life Becomes Better When She Comes Into Your Life

Things start to fall into place. You land that new job. She helps you get your stuff organized. You start cooking again. She just makes you want to be a better person.

2. Buddies & Family Can’t Help But Be Charmed By Her

Maybe you don’t care what other people think, and that’s fine. Isn’t it nice, though, when your family and friends are just as enamoured with your girlfriend as you are? When you can all hang out and she holds her own? When she’s joking and listening to your grandma’s stories?

3. She’s Motivated & Handles Her Business

Motivation can be a huge turn-on for guys. Somebody who can handle her business (whether that means working hard at her job, or juggling clients as a freelancer, or planning her future) is somebody who you can rely on.

4. She Has Your Back

It means so much to know that your partner is in your corner and you owe it to her to be in hers. When you feel supported, it makes a world of difference.

5. She Is Critical Of You

Somebody who cares for you wants you to succeed, and she will help you, even if it means tough love. We’re not talking about nagging. We’re talking about somebody who keeps it real when you need her to. She gives you honest feedback. She calls out your messy room. Yeah, you may be mad at first, but you’ll appreciate it later.



Guys like the thought that they have to work to keep my relationship going, and they like knowing that people think their girlfriends are hot. It’s a sort of an ego game. But a bit of jealousy shows you care.

7. She Is Funny

This is very important. Dating somebody without a sense of humour, or even a wildly different sense of humour, is torture. If she laughs at your jokes and you at hers, she is probably a keeper.

8. She Is In The Same Place As You

As experience of dating shows, timing and location can impact relationships more than just about anything else. Does she want to travel the world? Is she stable? Does she just want something casual? Is she interested in having kids? Is she religious? A lot of these questions can be deal-breakers, and the more you have in common, the better.


9. You Have Sexual Chemistry

This is critical. She isn’t your friend; she’s your romantic partner. If the sex isn’t happening, and it can’t be saved with therapy and lots of talking, then you may need to dump her.


10. She Makes You Feel Like A Man

You may not naturally be a terrifically manly man: you may do sports, and keep in shape, and look good in a suit. In a lot of ways, however, men can be pretty childlike. Consequently, it is important to be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t constantly emasculate you. Even the most liberal, bicycle-riding, skinny-jeans wearing dandy likes to feel like a high-status man sometimes.

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