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The Nbawsi Hangout was established last year by the Nbawsi Facebook group.

The Nbawsi Facebook Group came into being 7 years ago to bring about the much needed development of the community, bring together sons and daughters of the community and visitors alike and has been embraced by thousands of people who congregate on the Facebook group to get information and news about the community and its indigenes and activities going on there.

The Nbawsi Group gave birth to another group on Whatsapp known as the Nbawsi Likeminds. This group was responsible for the restoration of power to the Nbawsi community through collective effort of its members.

Last year, the Nbawsi Hangout was established to bring everybody that have the love of Nbawsi together under one roof. It was held on the 30th of December 2021.

But before that date, the group started a football competition on the 26th of December and the final was played on the day of the Hangout.

At the event proper, the people gathered at Nandos Plaza, which was the event place, where they made merry, partied, and discussed way forward for the community.

The highlight of the event was the Nbawsi Beauty Pageant where beautiful damsels pictured above showcased the stuff they were made of and a winner emerged at the end of the event.

This year, the planning has started in earnest and it promises to be bigger and better than that of last year. Besides the football, pageant and charity, Youth Empowerment will be added to the equation.

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Nbawsi sons and daughters from all over the world are expected to be at the event this year. They are hereby urged to get across to the Admins so as to purchase their entrance ticket on time so as to enable the organizing Committee do a wonderful job.


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