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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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1a. The sit-at-home order in the South-East hurts our already fragile local economy!

1b. Apart from sending a message to the international community, does the action today bother Buhari and Co.? NO!

1c. Does the international community care? NO! Has anyone been sanctioned for the Lekki Massacre?

  1. Although it is a movement against marginalisation at the national level, the South-East leaders are happy because our people currently believe that those that marginalise them live in Abuja or Kano…
  2. What if one day our people suddenly realise that their major oppressors live among them?
  3. Do our South-East leaders get the message that the tide may suddenly turn against them someday?
  4. All it takes is some reorientation of our people that their oppressors are local to them?

6a. Did the man in Abuja spend N7bn on a two-lane 3.8km road in a South-East state and the road has failed within a few years?

6b. Does the man in Abuja spend between N8bn & N9bn annually on road maintenance projects that don’t exist?

6c. Did the man in Abuja pay over N1bn for a non-existent flyover in a South-East state?

6d. Did the man in Dutse spend over N7bn on a Ministry of Finance in a South-East state in the first 6 months of 2021 and spent next to nothing on the schools and hospitals in the state?

6e. Does the man in Malumfashi spend 18.45% of the state’s expenditure on servicing a South-East governor while pensioners are not paid?

6f. Does the man in Kano spend over N3.2bn in a year on meals and drinks in a governor’s office of less than 100 people in a South-East state?

6g. Does the governor of Katsina clear every valuable in the South-East Government Houses (including tables, computers & cars when leaving office) and leave the next governor with no chair to sit on?

6h. Is it the man or woman from Funtua that has made local governments in the South-East unproductive despite the LGA’s in the South-East states earning a combined revenue of about N1trn in the last 6 years, yet you can’t see a bore hole done by them?

Let’s jettison the grand corruption in our South-East governments and begin to work for our people. We can then make a united demand from Abuja at that level.


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