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Werner spoke about his guilt about his form since joining Chelsea admitting its the worst time of his career

“I feel guilty after worst time in career

Werner scored just one goal and provided three assists for Chelsea in 19 appearances in all competitions – his only strike coming against Morecambe in the FA Cup – with Chelsea’s own drop in form resulting in the sacking of Frank Lampard in January.

Since Thomas Tuchel replaced Lampard, Werner’s contribution and performance has improved, scoring once and providing three assists in five appearances.

Chelsea bought him from RB Leipzig for £47.5m in the summer, having scored 95 goals in 159 games for the German side, there were high expectations of Werner at Stamford Bridge. But during his barren run, Werner admits he struggled.

“The smile wasn’t on my face all the time. You have to keep smiling, that’s the most important thing because when you are not happy and you don’t enjoy football, and you are always angry or mad, you can’t go back to moments where you can play good football.

“That’s my thing and how I want to train. The other things are: always be positive and not mad, and that’s the next step to being back to the old Timo. Behind the smile, of course there were a lot of days without goals and also sometimes losing. It’s not the best feeling but smiling on the outside is the best way to keep going.

“The period where I didn’t score was the worst time of my career because I’d never missed so many big chances. I’d never been so long without a goal, so I was very happy it ended two games ago. It was a difficult time without those feelings.

“When I look back at my half a year with Chelsea, it wasn’t the most difficult time in my career, but the best time to learn new things. When you have a period without goals you learn something from yourself. You learn a lot about how you can handle these situations and it was the best time for me to learn the most in my career. From bad moments you learn the most and that’s exactly what happened in the last month.”

Werner insists goal droughts were not new to him, and that in the past he learned to become more of a team player to make up for the lack of goals.

“In the past, I’ve had a lot of difficult situations in my career. Also, at Leipzig where I scored all the time. These situations were with myself because I learnt I had to make more for the team than I did before. I had to do extra work in terms of defensive work and make more assists for my teammates rather than just rely on goals.

“That way, I learnt not to be the goalscorer who just counts his goals but the man who worked for the team. I learnt I had to be patient and be the best Timo for the team and not the best Timo for myself.

‘I feel guilty for missing so many chances’ he said.

“I understood the old manager very well. It was not because of the language, but when you can talk German to someone, there are things he can explain to me easier than the old manager could. It’s different when you talk to someone in your own language because one word is enough to make a sentence completely different.

“For me, that was the thing he changed. He knows me and his assistants know me from the Bundesliga. He gave me trust back and confidence back to be the Timo from the Bundesliga, to be back at the top and scoring goals.”

‘The Premier League is harder than the Bundesliga. Everyone says there’s a lot of strength, a lot of big guys in defence, the Premier League is very fast and there’s a lot of high intensity. So, I came here and thought it would fit me very well, but now I know it is much more than just what people say.

“There’s a lot more work in the Premier League. You have to a lot more defensive work as a team than, for example, in the Bundesliga. What I get now is that the Premier League is really hard. Every game, whether you play against the bottom side or the third side, it’s always the same game.

“You can’t go to the bottom side and say it’s going to be an easy win today. You go to Burnley, you go to West Brom and it’s a hard game. It’s a very hard game and that’s what makes it a lot of fun. You can never have a break. You always have to be at 100 per cent, always at the top level and that’s something special in the Premier League.”

Werner is currently on five league goals. He has set his sights on hitting double figures by the end of the season.

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