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Nigerian female music artistes; Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay seen in a video exchange angry and dirty words in a salon in Lagos.

From the exchange, Seyi Shay had walked up to Tiwa Savage at the salon to say hi, but Tiwa Savage told her that she had no right to say hi to her after what she and Victoria Kimani had done to her in the past.

Tiwa Savage was referring to a song that Seyi Shay and Victoria Kimani featured in in 2019, in which they dissed Tiwa Savage with their lyrics. The song in question was Kizz Daniel’s hit song, ‘Fuck You’.

In her lyrics, Seyi Shay said: “You know I’m not Savage, I pay my bills.”

Victoria Kimani had called Tiwa Savage in her lyrics “Grandma African bad gyal, turning 45 and still claiming bad girl. You can block me from a show but you can’t block my blessings. We all know you selling pu*ssy and it’s so depressing”.

In the said video in the Lagos salon, Tiwa Savage said to a stunned Sayi Shay: “ I dont want to embarrass you or me cos that sh*t is wrong. Don’t think you guys can do what you did.”

Seyi Shay said “I’m not gonna listen to this, you got your facts wrong, so, it’s up to you” and she starts walking away, but Tiwa followed her and said:

“Don’t come to me and think you can say hi with the dirty and disgusting spirit that you have. You think I have forgotten what you guys did? How many years ago? You and Victoria Kimani. You think I can forget?

Seyi Shay said: “The only reason I said hi was to squash this shit …

Tiwa Savage cuts in: “You don’t try and squash shit by saying hi, you try and squash shit by calling me on the phone and talking about it. If I have an issue with you, I don’t just walk up to you and say ‘hi’. No”

Seyi Shay: “Tiwa, how about the things that you have done? You want me to open everything here?

Tiwa Savage: “Open it. Open it.”

Seyi Shay: I am not like you. I am not going to do that. If you want to start acting up and acting like an “agbaya” right now, carry on.”

Tiwa Savage kept repeating: “Open it. Open it.”

Seyi Shay “Open what?”

Tiwa Savage: “You’re the one that said you wants to open my ‘nyansh’. Please, open it. Your ‘nyansh’ is the dirtiest in this industry. You f*cking wh**e, sl*t! Open it! I will say it to you; God should take my child that I birthed, God should take him if I have ever done or said anything about you or Victoria Kimani.”

“B*tch, I am made! I have money; I have nothing to take from you. I am not going to be hired for a show and say something else.”

“You did a whole song; you and that b*tch did a whole song. You went on interviews and said shit about me and I didn’t say nothing.

Seyi Shay: Me went on an interview and said shit?

They started exchanging more ugly words as people dragged them apart as Tiwa tried to make a go at her.

Tiwa Savage: Everybody knows I’m not ashamed of my shit.

Seyi Shay: So you know?

At this point, Seyi Shay was dragged away and they started shouting on top of their voices.

Tiwa Savage: “Look at you. You look half-dead. Look at your skin. You know what?

Seyi Shay: You are a whore, you are a dog, you are a thief.

Tiwa Savage: For a clear skin, you need to mind your business. That’s what will clear up your f*cking ugly skin.”

In all that, Tiwa Savage continued to deny ever gossiping about Seyi Shay or Victoria Kimani or trying to take jobs away from either of them.

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