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“What I nurtured is now fighting me”

This is a statement made by a man I met yesterday in a canteen it occurs that I engaged him with a conversation, at a point he was free to discuss his family affairs with me.

He said during the Biafran war that there was an argument between his Younger brother and the Biafran soldiers, they shot him in the leg and wanted to finish him but he said that he intervened by showing them his ID as a Community Policeman and pleaded with them to let him go they accepted and retired.

The war was still on and his brother could not run, he said he has no option other than to push him with a bicycle that has no tube and tyre, at a point the bicycle could not move again he has to throw away the bicycle and carry him at the back.

He added that he treated the bullet wounds until it was no more, and he helped him to acquire high education after the war and several things he said he did for him.

Finally, he said that he and his brother are like cat and dog today, that his brother is trying to kill him.

Oh!! that reminds me of when I was serving one of my Ogas we have a Dog called Seeker, The dog was very friendly at a tender age but later became wild to the extent that my Aunty and children could not go downstairs if the dog is out of the cage.

It was only me and my Oga that have little control over the dog although the dog bites me once and my Oga thrice.


A dog that we were feeding daily?

Do you think that some humans can act like that dog?

You may say no but to another, it is a different case.

If you are not currently on good terms with any of your brothers, sister, or someone you trained and it happens that someone has a tape of how you grow up or how you guys started, imagine yourself watching the replay now, in that replay you may see good old days, like when you use to eat, bathe, play together, sacrifices made etc.

How do you feel right now? tears may drop.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation you are not alone. Christ after curing 10 persons it was only one that showed appreciation.

You may have taken a reconciliation approach but it failed, or if you have not, try and give it a trial but if the person declines, you have to leave everything for God.

Finally, let that not discourage you when you want to help others, don’t grow weary, keep doing it as if you are doing it to God.

The world can not repay you is only God who can.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next nugget. Feel free to share.

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This is a combination of alphabets with love from a console near you.

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